Six and a half years ago Rosi's son, Erik, was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS. After switching medications three times (for safety reasons), his drug treatments have thus far prevented relapses, as evidenced by regular CNS imaging at the Denver MS Center. But the sooner we can cure MS, the sooner we can restore Erik’s quality-of-life, and restore quality-of-life to millions of others affected by the disease. We first met Eleanor on the social dance floor of the Albuquerque Dance Club. She was a playful dancer with a contagious smile; a beautiful, joyful, and generous woman with 3 gracious children. Eleanor was diagnosed with ALS in early 2015. By October of the same year, Eleanor attended her last dance in a wheelchair. Two months later Eleanor passed away. Pedal & Swing fundraises for the ALS Association to lengthen the time between diagnosis and death, and to ultimately find a cure.

In 2011, a retired couple moved into our neighborhood. And rather than wait for the rest of us “neighbors” to throw them a welcome party, Bud and Carolyn threw their own. It was a party that brought our entire neighborhood together and sparked lasting friendships between former strangers. In the summer of the following year, we received a message that Carolyn had passed away from a disease called “ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. Carolyn brought our neighborhood together. Pedal & Swing would like to bring donors together, to fundraise for an ALS cure, in Carolyn’s honor.